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First-time membership is for new and returning members applying for Active or Associate Membership.

Active Membership – persons actively engaged as an examiner, analyst, practitioner or supervisor in the forensic sciences. Active members may hold office and shall be entitled to vote.
Associate Membership – persons, wholly or partially engaged in any of the various phases of the Science of Identification, and who are not qualified for Active Membership. Associate members shall be entitled to vote but may not hold office.
New member – new applicant who has not previously been a member of the PNWD-IAI.
Returning member – previous member applying as a new member due to non-renewal/reinstatement during the prior year.

Fee: $55 (includes dues and a non-refundable application processing fee – member dues will be refunded if application is rejected for any reason)

First-time student membership is for new student members applying for Student Membership.

Student Membership – persons who are full-time college students at an accredited college with a major in a law enforcement and/or forensic science related field. To qualify, students must include a college transcript with their application. Student members are not eligible to vote or hold office.

Fee: $27.50 (includes dues and a non-refundable application processing fee – student dues will be refunded if applications is rejected for any reason)

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