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Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop

July 9 - July 12

bloodstain pattern, crime scene analysis

The 32-hour advanced workshop has been designed to reinforce principles taught in a basic 40 hour BPA workshop and to expose students to more advanced topics such as complex bloodstain patterns, fluid dynamics, working from photographs, report writing and preparing for expert witness testimony.
The instructors intend to guide students to the next level of BPA by improving students’ understanding of BPA and its limitations. An established mentorship program will be described as a means of achieving BPA expert status.

 Reinforcement of basic BPA workshop learning objectives
 Bloodstained clothing examination
 BPA methodology
 Complex patterns
 Designing a bloodstain experiment
 Documenting bloodstain patterns
 Drying and clotting times
 Fluid dynamics
 Presumptive testing and pattern enhancement
 Report writing
 OSAC guidelines
 Testimony
 Working from photographs
 Course topics are flexible depending upon feedback from pre-workshop student surveys

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