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Advanced Crime Scene Photography

May 2, 2022 - May 6, 2022

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This Advanced Crime Scene Photography
course provides instruction that can permit
the student to successfully document
challenging photography situations that
occur at crime scenes. The course begins
with instruction of lighting techniques.
Scene specific photography of bloodstain
pattern and shooting scene evidence will be
covered in detail. The course covers low-light,
chemiluminescent, and forensic light source
Students will learn techniques for taking
examination quality photographs of
fingerprint and shoe wear/tire tread evidence.
The capstone exercise, at the end of training,
is designed to reinforce knowledge and
skills gained during the week. Students
will be tasked to photograph mock scenes
and demonstrate several advanced forensic
photography techniques.
*Please Note: Prior attendance and completion
of a 40-hour Basic Crime Scene Photography
course is required.
Day # 1 – 8hr
1. Lighting Techniques for Evidence Photography
2. Exercise #1 (Lighting)
3. Bloodstain Pattern Photography
4. Exercise # 2 (Bloodstain Patterns)
Day # 2 – 8hr
1. Footwear/Tiretrack Impression Photography
2. Exercise # 3 (Footwear and Tire Tracks)
3. Fingerprint Impression Photography
4. Exercise # 4 Fingerprints
Day # 3 – 12hr Day
1. Shooting Scene Photography
2. Exercise # 5 (Shooting Scenes)
3. Alternate Light Source Photography
4. Exercise # 6 (ALS)
5. Chemiluminescent Photography
6. Exercise # 7 Chemiluminescence)
7. Advanced Painting with Light
8. Exercise # 8 (PWL)
Day # 4 – 8hr Day
1. Setup Mock Scenes
2. Mock Scene Capstone Exercise
Day # 5 – 4hr
1. Continue Mock Scenes
2. Case Presentations
3. Course Review

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