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Advanced Latent Analysis

May 6 - May 8

Porous surface processing friction ridge detail

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This three-day class will be a deep dive into the underutilized aspects of latent analysis. Go beyond point counting and target group searching. Learn how to understand and properly interpret level one information in every type of latent print. This class will make you a better more confident latent print examiner no matter what experience level you are at.

What if I told you the way examiners are taught analysis is broken? Analysis is not marking up and color-coding ending ridges as we have all been taught. The analysis process is so much deeper and meaningful than we are led to believe. Analysis is a three-part process that is often overlooked, underutilized, and rarely documented. I have developed an intuitive process for understanding, interpreting, and using the meaningful analysis information within every latent print. This is not a “search smart” class that recycles the same old “clues, tricks and tips”. This class provides a complete set of the techniques to master analysis. My teaching style will engage students and inspire a new way of thinking about fingerprints. I want each examiner that attends Advanced Latent Analysis to return to work excited to implement the techniques learned.

This class will advance your understanding of latent examination beyond the basic search smart tips by outlining a systematic, practical and intuitive approach to analysis. Prepare for an educational and engaging experience that will change the way you look at fingerprint forever.

Students will learn new and innovative techniques that will allow them to quickly and accurately interpret the visual information found in all latent prints. If you’re looking for a class to sharpen your skills as an examiner and become more confident in your analysis, this is the class for you.

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