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Basic Crime Scene Investigations & Management

September 13, 2023 - September 15, 2023

crime scene tape, shooting reconstruction

Basic Crime Scene Investigations & Management
This 24-hour Crime Scene Investigations course is designed to instruct the proper methods and techniques that can be applied when investigating the crime scene to maximize the potential of the evidence at the scene. The course is primarily intended for new crime scene technicians and investigators, death investigators, patrol officers, and detectives as well as individuals interested in seeking employment in the field of forensics. Experienced investigators will also benefit from much of the course content.
This Crime Scene Investigations course is also designed for first responders such as fire and EMT personnel. It instructs these personnel on how to identify potential crime solving evidence while performing life-saving measures at the scene. Stress is placed on interdepartmental cooperation and the sharing of information between these personnel and investigators.
Identifying the evidence as well as techniques that should be employed in its collection and processing will be addressed.

• Day 1 – Initial Response to the Scene : Includes response to the scene, interviewing eyewitnesses, processing the scene, scene documentation, and practical exercises
• Day 2 – Introduction to Crime Scene Photography : Includes first responder photography and practical exercises, use of scales and close-up views, and nighttime photography
• Day 3 – Latent Print and DNA Processing : Includes DNA and fingerprint collection, latent print processing, friction ridge skin impression characteristics, and exercises

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