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Crime Scene Investigations

June 20, 2022 - June 24, 2022

Crime scene photography, PNWDIAI training opportunity, Advanced Crime scene photography, crime scene processing

This 40-hour course is designed to instruct the proper methods and techniques to be applied when investigating and documenting crime scenes. Techniques that can be employed to identify and process and/or collect physical evidence at the scene will be covered.
The course is intended for crime scene technicians and investigators as well as patrol officers and detectives who are charged with the responsibility of processing crime scenes. University student and individuals seeking employment in the field of forensics are also welcome to attend.
Day 1: Documenting Crime Scenes Documenting the crime scene with note taking, report writing, sketching and photography will be practiced. Crime scene search principles and patterns will be discussed.
Day two- Photography, Impression Evidence, Trace Evidence
Crime scene photography techniques are continued. Detection and collection of impression and trace evidence will be practiced.

Packaging of evidence and chain-of-custody concerns will be discussed. The use of forensic light sources for the detection of trace evidence such as body fluids will be practiced.
Day three- Fingerprint Evidence
Mechanical and chemical processing of fingerprint evidence will be practiced. Topics include recognizing surfaces conducive to processing and recognition of appropriate processes to be used in various instances.
Day Four- Intro to Bloodstain Reconstruction Methods for the detection and enhancement of the visibility of latent bloodstains and documenting bloodstain evidence will be practiced.
Day Five- Intro to Shooting Reconstruction, Toolmark Evidence, and Testimony Documentation of bullet trajectories using lasers, rods, and string will be practiced. Casting toolmark impressions will be practiced. Testifying in court as to findings at the crime scene will be discussed.

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