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Crime Scene Photography

October 24, 2022 - October 28, 2022

Crime scene photography, PNWDIAI training opportunity, Advanced Crime scene photography, crime scene processing

Crime Scene Photography
This 40-hour course teaches the techniques needed to successfully document evidence and scenes in a professional manner. The course begins with instruction of basic photographic techniques such as the mechanics of exposure, depth-of-field, and motion control. Camera handling and operation are stressed in all areas to include camera controls and how they work, electronic noise causes and controls, and much more. This course also includes instruction on basic electronic flash operation and techniques.

Course Topics
• Basic Photography
• Basic Electronic Flash
• Composition for the Crime Scene (How to photograph crime scenes)
• Photography of Chemoluminescent Blood Reagents
• Painting-with-Light Lighting Technique
• Fingerprint Photography and Specialized Evidence Lighting Techniques
• Photographic Documentation of Footwear and Tire Track Impressions
• Alternate Light Source Photography
• Legal Issues for Digital Photography

Practical Exercises
• Depth-of-Field and Exposure
• Motion Control
• Electronic Flash Operation
• Bluestar© Reagent Photography
• Low-Light Photography/Painting-with-Light
• Mock Crime Scene Photography
• Fingerprint Photography and Evidence Lighting
• Footwear Photography
• Alternate Light Source Photography

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