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Crime Scene Reconstruction: Level 1

August 29, 2022 - September 2, 2022

bloodstain pattern, crime scene analysis

> The examination of crime scenes using a methodical approach, in an attempt to capture as much physical evidence, in as pristine and usable condition as possible.
> The techniques described in this class are recognized by an international organization of crime scene investigators and forensic scientists to be a standard approach to crime scene investigation.
> This course is not a crime scene processing course.

A course designed for investigators, crime scene technicians, forensic technicians, and others involved in criminal and medical-legal investigations and crime scene analysis. The course is intended to develop a fundamental knowledge of appropriate hypothesis development and testing procedures and provide an objective form of defining the events associated with a complex crime
(Event Analysis).

> Demonstrate knowledge of the development, history and advancement of crime scene analysis.
> Identify the steps of scientific method.
> Identify the seven steps of the methodology used in crime scene analysis.
> Demonstrate the ability to develop a hypothesis in a written format and set an objective foundation for any ultimate conclusion.
> Demonstrate the ability to objectively flow chart an incident, distinguishing relative chronology from absolute chronology.
> Demonstrate an ability to evaluate a complex crime scene.

> Crime scene reconstruction techniques
> Event Analysis on many different questioned death scenes
> Integration of forensic disciples
> Scientific Method
> Event flow charting
> Review case analysis
> Court admission
> Re-enactment techniques
> Writing a reconstruction report
> Qualifying questions for court
> Completing reconstruction of an actual case that has multiple victims, suspects, weapons and crime scenes

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