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Evidence Audits & Inventories

August 11, 2023 @ 7:00 am - 10:00 am

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In the Evidence Audits & Inventories webinar, we will discuss in detail how to conduct audits and inventories in your Property & Evidence Unit and why you should conduct them.

We will discuss in detail the different types of inventories you should be conducting in your Property & Evidence Unit and how often they should be conducted. We will discuss how to conduct audits on sections of your unit, which audits you should be conducting and how often. We will also discuss the most common issues that inventories and audits can bring to light and how to resolve them.

Please be open to sharing your experiences with evidence audits and inventories. This will allow for agencies in close proximity to be more informed on what other agencies in their area are doing.

The Evidence Audits & Inventories webinar is intended for those who:
● Are not certain how or when to conduct audits and inventories on the property and evidence they maintain.
● Do not currently have regular audits and inventories happening in their Property & Evidence Unit.
● Have unit members that are making regular errors like placing items in the wrong locations and/or forgetting to change/update locations in the tracking systems or on the paperwork.
● Have ever had items of property and/or evidence that have been misplaced or lost entirely.
● Have never received training on conducting audits and inventories and are just winging it!

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