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Evidence Purge Party

May 19, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

death investigation, crime scene investigation, evidence, crime scene

This webinar is a sequel to the Evidence Destruction 101 eCourse. Where the Evidence Destruction 101 eCourse focuses on how to determine when something CAN be purged, the Evidence Purge Party webinar will focus on HOW to actually purge different items once you have received the approval to do so. We will discuss in detail how to appropriately purge firearms, narcotics, cell phones/computers/other electronic devices, currency, biohazards, ammunition, records, digital media, vehicles, chemicals, collectables and more. Students will also learn about additional “purging” processes like auctions, donations, converting items to agency use and seals and expungements. Students will be encouraged to share their own experiences and processes for purging with other students in the class. This will allow for agencies in close proximity to be more informed on what disposal services are available in their area.

If any of the following apply, this webinar is for you:
– If you feel uncomfortable purging evidence because you aren’t sure if you are doing it right.
– If you haven’t purged in a while or don’t purge enough and want to increase the number of items you are getting rid of each year.
– If you throw everything you purge in the trash (big NO NO!) and don’t change the way you dispose based on the items you are disposing of.
– If the responsibility and liability for purging your agency’s evidence falls on your or your team’s shoulders, and you want to feel confident that you are properly trained to complete that task.
– If you have never had purge training before and are just winging it!

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