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Examination of Simultaneous Impressions

November 16, 2021 - November 18, 2021

fingerprint on surface, fingerprint examination, latent print

This course will first examine the pilot study conducted on simultaneous impressions in the wake of the ruling by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts stating the application of ACE-V to such impressions does not satisfy a Daubert analysis. Topics to be discussed include study design, results, documentation, error rates, conclusions, and future considerations. The focus then shifts to an in-depth look at SWGFAST’s Standard for Simultaneous Impression Examination, which provides a structured means to address these types of impressions. Attendees will also create simultaneous impressions according to provided ground truth (known) conditions on different surfaces. These impressions will then be developed and examined by the attendees to help them better understand the appearance of the impressions in light of the known deposition conditions. Finally, attendees will apply both the presented theory and their practical experience in examining numerous impressions (ground truth known) to conduct full written analyses, ideally demonstrating that their conclusions of simultaneity or non-simultaneity are supported by the physical evidence. Download Training Flyer

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