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Friction Ridge Symposium: Palms, Plantars, Tips and Toes

March 6, 2023 - March 10, 2023

fingerprint on glass, latent print examination

Course Description:
RS&A has combined the industry’s best course on Palm Prints with the industry’s only course on Plantars, Tip Fingerprints and Toe Prints into one amazing symposium. It will be a week-long total emersion into the world of friction ridge examination especially designed to address the most problematic friction ridge areas. Latent Print Examiners tell us that they struggle with latent prints from the palms, feet, and tips of fingers. That is because they just don’t have the training in those areas that they need to be successful in their examinations. This weeklong symposium will provide the latent print examiner with the critical information they need.

The class will be conducted by experts in friction ridge analysis. Jamie Bush and Jon Stimac, who are recognized as two of the very best latent print instructors in the country. They have taught their respective training modules across the country and have consistently received great reviews.

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