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IAI Latent Print Certification Test Preparation Training

April 4, 2022 - April 8, 2022

IAI certification testing, PNWD-IAI annual educational conference

Course Description

Have you been thinking about taking the International Association for Identification (IAI) Latent Print Certification Examination but are not sure if you are ready? Does your agency require you to be certified within a certain timeframe and that time is approaching? Or, do you wish to achieve the high personal goal of attaining official recognition by the world’s largest and oldest forensic organization as a Certified Latent Print Examiner? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this is the course for you. After numerous requests and years of planning, this course has been developed and is now offered to you.

This class will consist of “limited drills” so that the student can learn how to work in a “timed” environment and to assist them in evaluating their strengths and weaknesses in the various areas of the friction ridge science which will be represented on the actual test. Near the end of the week the student will take an 8 hour practice examination representative of the actual IAI certification test, including written questions, pattern interpretations and latent print comparisons.

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