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Investigative Analysis & Crime Scene Reconstruction

May 23, 2022 - May 27, 2022

shooting reconstruction, crime scene investigation

Comprehensive and accurate analysis of evidence will make or break a case, and it ultimately determines if justice is served, whether the case is a property crime, assault, or death investigation.
Investigative Analysis and Crime Scene Re-construction is a challenging, forty hour course, designed by veteran field experts for detectives, crime scene investigators, evidence technicians, and others involved in crime analysis. Through both lecture and practical exercises, investigators expand their skill sets by learning and practicing accepted, tested methodologies for objective analysis of evidence. This is not a crime scene processing course; it is, rather, an exploration of expanded ways of thinking about information and evidentiary relationships in investigations.

Class Requirements:
Prior investigative or crime scene experience and basic familiarity with bloodstain patterns is helpful. Course materials are provided in electronic format. Attendees should bring an electronic device with USB connection and basic office suite software, such as a laptop computer, to access, prepare and save digital work product, case materials, and complete fillable forms used in lecture and practical exercises.

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