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Practical Answers to Challenging Questions in the Courtroom

May 2, 2022 - May 4, 2022

court testimony, trial, jury, forensic evidence in court

Course Description

This fingerprint testimony course provides practical answers to challenging questions in today’s courtroom environment by delivering the material to you in a novel way. Students will gain practical information for improving their courtroom performance. They will also be better prepared for Frye and Daubert challenges.

This unique course is taught by three instructors. Two of the instructors are experienced fingerprint experts. These instructors take turns answering mock court questions asked by a third instructor, an experienced criminal defense attorney, who will dynamically attack the answers. The instructors will demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of different responses – both “good” and “bad” answers. Students will be able to ask questions and get feedback on their own personal responses. The instructors will highlight what strategies a defense attorney might take depending on the answer.

The instructors will share court experiences, case law, and other court decisions so that students are aware of precedent cases and emerging legal trends. Lastly, the instructors will share published papers, data, or the reactions of lay people to court room responses. This approach will give the student valuable insight into the reactions and understanding of the most important people in the courtroom: the triers of fact.

Course materials will include summaries of the major class topics, examples of model answers, lists of relevant cases, and reference materials. The course also provides the rare opportunity to gain insight into the strategies and tactics of a criminal defense attorney in a safe learning environment.

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