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Practical Shooting Incident Reconstruction

May 6 - May 10

Basic Crime Scene Investigation Forza Forensics

Practical Shooting Incident Reconstruction
The Practical Shooting Incident Reconstruction course is designed for police officers, detectives, criminalists, forensic scientists, and crime scene investigators who would be tasked to investigate a shooting scene. The course focuses on firearms mechanics; ballistic trajectories; how bullets interact with various surfaces; and practical recognition, documentation, processing, and analysis of shooting scene evidence. Students will review real-world cases, investigate mock scenes, and gain experience with empirical testing and experimentation.
This course includes many hands-on experiments and practical exercises.

Topics Include
• Understanding Internal Ballistics
• Comprehending External Ballistic paths
• Interpreting Terminal Ballistic Damage
• Orientation, sequencing, position, and range of firearm discharge
• Document and reconstruct trajectories
• Location and positioning of victim
• Application of chemical reagents
• Proper use trajectory reconstruction tools and techniques
• Documentation techniques
• Notes and Reports
• Diagrams
• Laser Scanning
• Photography

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