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Responding to Officer Involved Incidents

April 30 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 pm

Basic Crime Scene Investigation Forza Forensics

Scene Supervisors play a pivotal role in managing the complex dynamics surrounding scene response to Officer-Involved Incidents (OII). In these situations, precise evidence collection is essential for a thorough investigation, and the emotional impact can reach unprecedented levels.

This webinar aims to provide crime scene unit leaders with insights into the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by supervisors during scene responses and beyond. From establishing effective communication protocols with law enforcement to ensuring the preservation of critical evidence, we will explore best practices and strategies for supervisors to navigate these high-stakes situations.

We will also address the importance of specialized training for OII responses and the essential consideration of mental health support for teammates. By examining successful case studies, incorporating real-world examples, and discussing the significance of training and mental health, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the supervisory skills and protocols necessary to lead successful crime scene responses to Officer-Involved Incidents.

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