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Shooting Incident Reconstruction 1

September 9 - September 13

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Course Description
The proper documentation of a shooting incident may allow for additional investigative information to be identified, such as:
Identifying the parameter of where the shooter and/or victim were at the time of the shooting
Determining whether or not a specific shot was possible, given the shooting documentation data
Identifying where additional shooting related evidence may be located
Statement analysis based on the shooting incident reconstruction
Attendees will begin with a review of the proper documentation of a shooting incident. Attendees will use the techniques taught in the course to perform various exercises to collect the necessary documentation data of the shooting incident, then will take this data and examine the data in an effort to reconstruct the incident.

The attendees will learn:
The documentation required of each bullet defect within a shooting scene
The scientific and mathematical tools necessary provide an analysis of the shooting incident.
The attendees will spend several days working on exercises associated with the mathematics. The attendees will also safely view live fire exercises at a pistol range. Some of these exercises are designed to validate and verify the shooting incident mathematical principles are in fact accurate. The live fire exercises will include shooting a vehicle and windshields and glass. The attendees will then examine and document bullet defects in the vehicle and glass.

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