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Shooting Incident Reconstruction

June 5, 2023 - June 9, 2023

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Modern investigators are frequently faced
with the investigation of shooting incidents,
some of which become controversial.
Whether the incident is a criminal act, an
act of self-defense, or the use of deadly
force by law enforcement, the outcome of
these investigations have far-reaching consequences.
Investigators must effectively
and accurately analyze these scenes so
facts surrounding these incidents can be
identified and accurately presented.
This comprehensive 5-day (40-hour)
course, presented by veteran field
investigators, is specifically designed for
detectives, crime scene investigators,
evidence technicians, and others involved in
investigating shooting incidents. Validated
methodologies are presented in lectures
and practical exercises. Scenes will be
analyzed to identify ballistic evidence,
shooter and victim positions, sequence of
events, and evidentiary relationships.
Classroom and firearms range
instruction and practical exercises
• Firearms and ammunition design and
• Physics of projectile motion.
• Proper identification, documentation
and organization of firearms-related
• Gunshot wound ballistics and interrelationships
of wounds and other evidence.
• Mathematics for trajectory analysis in
crime scenes.
• Determining muzzle to target distances.
• Application of the scientific method to
field analysis.
• Reconstructing the shooting event
through recognizing and correlating
evidentiary relationships between
evidence in the scene, forensic analyses,
and subject/witness statements.
• *Trajectory analysis through rodding,
laser, trigonometry and stringing.
• *Demonstration and analysis of bullet
interactions with various materials
including glass, metal, concrete,
wood, motor vehicles, bone and dirt.
Commonly held perceptions will be
All main concepts are reinforced through
hands-on practical exercises using case
* Includes exercises conducted at a
shooting range.
Class Requirements:
Course is designed to develop knowledge
and “hands-on” experience for shooting
incident scene analysis. Prior investigative
or crime scene experience is recommended.
Attendees should bring a camera for
documenting evidence and an electronic
device with USB connection, preferably a
laptop computer, to access and save digital
handouts, case materials, and fillable forms
used in lecture and practical exercises.

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