Scholarship & Awards


Scholarship Program

The PNWD-IAI Training Scholarship Program provides assistance with attendance costs at PNWD-IAI annual conferences. Additional information and the application form are available on the Conference page.

Questions regarding the Scholarship Program and completed Scholarship Applications should be emailed to

The PNWD-IAI scholarship fund was established to provide opportunities for those who cannot afford to attend our annual conference on their own. Your contributions help make the continued viability of the scholarship fund possible.


Achievement Award

Heather Vandegrift 2022 PNWDIAI Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient

The Outstanding Achievement Award was established by the PNWD-IAI Board of Directors to recognize active members in good standing (as defined in the PNWD-IAI Constitution and Bylaws) for outstanding service to the Pacific Northwest Division of the International Association for Identification. The Board of Directors will consider nominations from members and award the nominee who, in the Board’s opinion and judgment, has made a significant and valuable contribution in the area of Forensic Science as well as outstanding service to the association.

Previous Award Recipients